Ground Source Heat Pumps Bath

ground source heat pumps Bath and Bristol

Ground Source Heat Pumps Bath and Bristol

Controlled Climate have been installing and maintaining ground source heat pumps in Bath and Bristol for over 16 years, providing quality products, knowledge, and service.

Our efficient air to air heat pumps provide a Controlled Climate all year round, with cooling throughout the summer and heating during the winter.  An air cleaning system is installed within every unit, helping allergy sufferers by removing bacteria and dust from the environment. With this systems high efficiency in heating mode, it’s more environmentally friendly than many conventional heating systems.

Your ground source heat pump will comprise of outdoor and indoor units which convert heat energy into usable heat within your house.


Our Bath and Bristol based ground source heat pump installation team install heat pump systems with prices ranging from £6,000 to £10,000. The savings will depend upon the size of your home, insulation, desired temperatures, type of heating system (underfloor heating or radiators), what system you’re replacing, or if you’re using the pump for hot water and how you control the system.

Your new ground source heat pump heating systems cost can be reduced during the installation of a new build by combining with other build costs. Also worth considering are ground source heat pumps that extract heat from the ground through buried pipework.

 How do Air Heat Pumps work?

Air is absorbed and the heat extracted at a low temperature into a fluid. The fluid then passes through a compressor where the temperature is increased, and transfers the heat to the heating and hot water circuits of the house.

Installing a ground source heat pump system in Bath and Bristol

Your air heat pump needs to be fixed to a wall or the ground outside your home, with plenty of space for the air to flow freely. Your home will need to be well insulated for an air heat pump system to work to its full potential, coupled with the use of underfloor heating or warm air heating systems and replacing an existing electricity or coal heating system.