Air Conditioning Bath

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Air Conditioning Bath and Bristol

Controlled Climate are specialist ventilation, heating, and air conditioning installers based near Bath and Bristol, working on a wide range of projects in Bath, Bristol and Wells. Although we generally limit our work to the South West area, we are client, not location led and therefore work in areas outside of this boundary should our clients require it.

Our expert air conditioning team work in a number of different commercial sectors including offices, Academic Institutions, Retail, IT Server Rooms, Leisure and Health and Beauty, as well as undertaking a lot of work in the domestic and residential sectors, installing both indoor and outdoor air conditioning units.

All of our air conditioning products come with a full 3 year warranty, and we offer a full servicing and repair package, so if you need to have your air conditioning units maintained or repaired, please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment.

With the installation of your new commercial air conditioning unit, you can rest assured that Controlled Climate will take every measure to ensure your satisfaction, whatever the scope of your project, large or small. Our certified and experienced air conditioning technicians have the tools, skills and experience to ensure that the work is completed on-time, on-target and within budget from our base between Bristol and Bath.

Air Conditioning Bath

Complete pump heating systems and Air Conditioning Bath and Bristol

At Controlled Climate we pride ourselves on being a complete service, not only offering air conditioning in Bath and Bristol, but also heat pump systems, allowing you to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Air Conditioning Bath

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Bath


Air Conditioning Bristol

 Server Rooms

Air Conditioning Bath


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Mrs Cartwright , Air Conditioning Bath

Controlled Climate installed an air conditioning and heating unit in to our conservatory. We now have full control of the temperature, silence when in operation, and the team who installed the system were friendly, professional and clean and tidy, we barely noticed them.

Mrs Beatrice, Ground source Heat Pump System Bristol

When building our new house we decided to go for a heating system that was financially beneficial, and had the least impact on the environment, Mark from Controlled Climate advised us on all of the options and suggested a Ground heat pump system, our house is now at a perfect temperature, in the summer and winter.